Auto Accident Injury Care

On average, 6 million auto accidents happen and over 3 million people are injured every year in the United States (, 2014). Injuries from an auto accident can occur at any speed. Even minor fender-benders can create injuries that may not be apparent at the moment of the crash. In fact, many people who have been involved in these types of accidents may not be aware that they are injured until symptoms begin disrupting their daily activities. For instance, an injured neck (whiplash) is one of the most commonly overlooked injuries that occur during auto accidents. Similarly, other injuries can occur during an auto accident that may not be related to whiplash.

Patient needing auto accident injury care after an auto accident

Ironically, many injuries can happen from the seatbelt. The seatbelt is designed to stop our bodies, but can also cause injuries due to the restraint. Even at a low rate of speed, an auto accident may result in minor damage to the vehicle, but it could cause major injuries. Receiving treatment from us following an auto accident to be evaluated and finding the appropriate treatment is important. We will be able to get you into any specialists needed to treat any of your injuries quickly. In fact, we have helped hundreds of people recover from their auto accident injuries.

The key to effective care after an auto accident is finding the proper facility that can offer lasting, reliable results combined with treatments that focus on injuries that are typically the source of pain.

Our treatment methods focus on the injury and surrounding areas to alleviate pain and prevent additional symptoms from surfacing. We monitor the healing process to make sure the injury is healing properly. Effective care after an auto accident treats the injury rather than masking it with pain medications, although pain medication may be necessary to get you back to your life as soon as possible.

Auto Accident Injury Care at OKC Spine and Injury Relief Center

    Dr. Justin Atkinson at OKC Spine and Injury Relief Center is exceptional at treating auto accident injuries and helping people with acute back pain, neck pain, and spinal injuries as well as extremity pain and concussions, even referring to the appropriate specialist if necessary. Giving you pain relief is our objective as well as healing you so pain does not return.
    With our procedures, we have helped 100's of auto accident injury patients. We are skilled in reducing pain and helping our patients feel as good as they were before their accident.
    Contact us now. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done to the musculoskeletal and nervous system. We are here to help the healing process so you can start feeling better both now and later.
    We will gladly bill the insurance so there is no cost to you. Act now and call us to schedule before your symptoms worsen.
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At OKC Spine and Injury Relief Center, we are highly experienced in auto accident injury care and rehabilitation. Call now to get started with your customized treatment plan!

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